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Medioevo Universale - EN

The biggest game ever!

XIII century d.C, Middle Ages are slowly coming to an end, and the world is changing... 

From the South and the East, the Arabian potentates and the barbaric hordes are threatening Christianity. Spain, Anatolia, and the Sarmatian Steppes are disputed lands, while Palestine is ravaged by the Crusaders, arrived from all around Europe to defend the Holy Sepulchre. However, Christianity itself is divided and fighting for survival. On one side the East-West Schism has long since divided Catholics and Ortodoxes; on the other, the Great Western Schism has weakened the Catholic Potentates, even more, leaving them uncertain if to give support to the Pope in Rome, or the Antipope in Avignon. In the meanwhile, from the East, a new terrible threat arises: the devilish Mongolians.

After the dark ages, which followed the fall of the Roman Empire, Science and technology have started to flourish again. Everywhere, society is going through rapid change: cities are rising again, governing themselves, while the feudal system is starting to come apart at the seams. Commerce is gradually regaining its strength, while the monarchies are evolving into Nation states. In this time of religious wars and fight for survival, you will guide with an iron fist one of the major kingdoms of the time, managing aspects such as commerce, diplomacy,
development of its infrastructures, technological progress, and military strategy.

Build strongholds and fortifications, expand your farmland, develop new technologies, defend your caravans and convoys, supply your main cities on the continent to fill your treasury with gold, ward off the barbarians pushing against the borders, defend your domains from negative events and calamities, recruit armies and fleets, form alliances and plant your spies, prepare to expand your kingdom, declare war taking advantage of the right "casus belli", exploit the terrain, defeat your enemies on the battlefield and... above all... plant your standard on new territories.

You can gain Honour in many ways: by trading, forging diplomatic relationships, winning battles and staging intrigues. At the end of the game, the player with the highest Honour Point count wins, and the others must declare themselves his Vassals.
Alternatively, the game can end abruptly, if the Kingdom of one of one of the players expands unobstructed to the point to include all its territorial objectives.

Medioevo Universale is an epic strategic game for 3-6 players (up to 10 players with expansion) with a game board that reproduces a detailed map of the time, hundred of army miniatures, a lot of tokens and cards and a multi-level strategy which includes war, diplomacy, and tactic elements. The game is in English.


Compared to other games, Medioevo Universale sees the part played by Luck greatly reduced. Thanks to its truly innovative conflict resolution mechanic, it impossible to plan ahead the outcome of a battle, taking into account the number and type of the troops, their leader, terrain, siege engines and fortifications, as well as many other factors.

Gain absolute power!


Contents list:

1 large board, double sided
2 rulebooks
6 player boards, double sided
6 player screens (standard)
6 player screens (prototype)
1 block note
1 commercial chart (prototype)
72 empire cards (standard)
70 empire cards (prototype: 5 cardinal, 3 inquisitor, 6 killer, 6 warlord, 3 genius, 3 heroine, 4 monk, 6 crossbowman, 5 thief, 5 merchant, 4 tax collector, 5 mercenary, 4 surgeon, 4 diplomat, 3 architect, 4 templar)
30 event cards
30 objective cards (prototype)
10 treasure cards (prototype)
6 debt markers (discs), 1 per 6 colors
54 technology markers (discs), 9 in 6 colors
6 turn order markers (discs), 1 per 6 colors
12 honor point markers (discs), 2 in 6 colors
1 turn marker
160 trade goods (cubes)
120 light infantry miniatures, 20 in 6 colors
120 heavy infantry miniatures, 20 in 6 colors
60 archer miniatures, 10 in 6 colors
60 cavalry miniatures, 10 in 6 colors
18 captain miniatures, 3 in 6 colors
40 barbarian infantry miniatures
20 barbarian archer miniatures
6 barbarian captain miniatures
15 standards miniatures
10 large standards miniatures
16 catapult miniatures
14 trebuchet miniatures
12 bombard miniatures
24 village miniatures
17 town miniatures
12 city miniatures
40 tower miniatures/tokens
20 fortress miniatures/tokens
20 wall-castle miniatures
14 cathedral miniatures
15 galley miniatures
12 merchant ship miniatures
12 caravan miniatures
15 war wagon miniatures
54 road tokens
60 property tokens
4 barbarian property tokens
48 control tokens
48 objective tokens (gears)
4 religious capital tokens (prototype)
3 mining fair tokens (prototype)
3 textile fair (prototype)
3 agricultural fair tokens
4 battle tokens
4 battle boards
2 crusade tokens (prototype)
17 stop tokens
18 blood tokens
6 relic tokens (prototype)
2 crusade tokens (prototype)
20 structure tokens
6 turn order tiles (prototype)
10 far away harbor tokens (prototype) 
180 metal florin coins, 30 each with value: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500
7 dice sets: 1d4, 1d6 and 1d8


Alter: ab 14 Jahre
Spieler: 3 - 6
  Nicole Iannone
Dauer: Ca. 240 Minuten
Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet.

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