Roll Player: Monsters & Minions - EN

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Roll Player: Monsters & Minions - EN

Monsters & Minions is an expansion to the critically acclaimed character creation game Roll Player.

In Roll Player: Monsters & Minions, not only do players compete to construct the greatest fantasy characters, they must also gather information about the monstrous threat looming, and prepare for a final showdown against the beast.

This expansion adds a 5th player, a combat system, and many more options to build characters including new races, backstories, classes, alignments, traits, weapons, skills, and all-new scrolls.

Alter: ab 10 Jahre
Spieler: 1 - 4
Thunderworks Games  
  Keith Matejka
Dauer: ca. 60 - 90 Minuten
Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet.

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