Aeons End

Aeons End: Legacy - EN
As a young apprentice, you grew up to stories of the breach mages. Brama, the teacher, wisest of the mages. Dezmodia, the prodigy, master of great magic. Mist, the stoic leader and tactical genius. Malastar, the magical craftsman. Rebellious, powerful, and reckless perfectly sum up Xaxos. These mages are your heroes and tomorrow, after your ordeal, you will join their ranks.
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Aeons End Buried Secrets - EN
Buried Secrets is an expansion for the cooperative deck building game Aeon’s End. This expansion features over 150 new player cards, new nemesis cards, and new tokens.
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Aeons End Into the Wild - EN
The pack makes Aeon’s End a visual treat to set up and play.
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